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Chen deacon was secretly a thumbs toward Wang ugg rylan slipper , but then quietly even glanced river, but do not see the big brother of emotions, I could not help wondering.

Chen deacon thought a move: "Ye Xiazhen last night, once said that her son Wang ugg rylan slipper probably spiritual awakening wood or earth spirituality, Is this him?"

But soon , she stared sternly looked at the son : " ? ugg rylan slipper children , tell your mother you look these days , you are how ever ," but soon he 's some lady from Alice interpretation, know why. But soon, WANG Yong-qi was restored to normal , sweetness and light smile, congratulations brother : " ! You are better than me," but soon , it is too small again stunned gazes abruptly appeared together ...... pure white light beam .

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