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However , when the wash is ugg leather boots , the mercury in the mirror to see that face and forehead open perverse mouth , reveals a look at the other end though soft, sparse , but the color is still pretty brown-black hair , and light purple clear eyeball , past it tough to temper it again Wang ugg leather boots known for playing the spirit.

After a long while , even Dianzhu who suddenly got up , he was ugg leather boots silvery Dianzhu robes dragged to the ground , but it is direct to the door , softly spoken , there is a tone not shirk overbearing : "Now go outside , the seat when you want to look at the state of practice ! "

But that reveal the egg touches ugg leather boots expect a lot: "I now have a wood spirit beast system, it is best to give me a space system, or the optical system, or is it water system contract reveal! "

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