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Reluctant to admit his earlier mistake of Wang on sale uggs soon force increased attention, but it is soon discovered accidentally, began again in front of the graphic changes.

2 quarter of an hour , on sale uggs is half an hour after eating is also poisonous aconite poison time . Thus, the first test when the small animal poison , just to give a second small animal feeding, do not waste time .

This array name "array of four images of heaven on sale uggs earth," is eight thousand years ago, the community spirit array scared only change my life, the first one ever imperial spirit level array with disabilities "surprising array Emperor" Zhuge scared established.

Half an hour later , Wang on sale uggs re- open eyes, eyes full of confidence : " ! Father , let us " Half an hour later, the head full of spirit Rhizomys legs began to twitch , walking upside down , struggling a few times, legs in the air , foaming at the mouth and died . Buttons on the side of a package is opened, to reveal opal wing rat that long beak . Including Wang on sale uggs included, the number of pairs of eyes suddenly asked to invest in the brush is too small : "how ? " Treasure ? Behind footsteps !

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