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At the moment, Shou Gong and Yexia Zhen, Wang cardy uggs Joe, are in the kitchen making dinner.

Wealth touching the heart, and misunderstandings! Wealth touching the heart, cardy uggs it is a master, knew this kid beat, and money, and shaken, normal! Finished goods inventory, Shou Gong by night on a black sack to put a fire, so that "the fox" This man completely disappeared from the earth. Step on the hard stone floor Zijin Yao, wore warm dawn, siblings began to practice. Ashamed of Lin Yu did not retire, the eyes are now slightly surprised: "There are more then fair niece Feng But speaking, as long as the uncle know, some shown with us the truth."

After 8 days , the family of existing parameters and Artemisia chieftain fingers already been exhausted , but the effect is very good, Wang cardy uggs originally expected to be a month to recover , but now, his body black line has been exorcised at least three-quarters , You can move freely , can trot. If the race is just words , distance , and still has a moral strength , not run ten steps necessary to take a rest .

Would also cherish the last vestiges of expectations is too small to see Wang cardy uggs this action, expecting heart suddenly Ruzhui abyss, callous face , in the eyes of a desperate.

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