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But Xu Li Mi to excitation insight into the army, and only by Cheng Li moncler vest men collaborate from within with forces from outside, the city of Xiangyang are not allowed to say has already fallen in moncler vest men hand.

No doubt, the speed will increase several times at once! Not far from Joe Wang Hui was also surprised to lift a small head. Not far from the moncler vest men , though gentle slow movement, though his face still pale, shortness of breath although a little bit, but since the two eyes is knowledge, had never seen the firm, decided and serious, high stretch at the bird in the air hand, do not have a proudly unyielding momentum! Those people are not far from the onlookers could not help but burst of muffled exclaimed.

Compared to these people , in front of Wang moncler vest men handsome gentle at first glance not very outstanding. And Wang moncler vest men Although spiritual qualifications, but it is biased wooden spiritual helper classes , not partial aggressive gold and fire spirituality.

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