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Whether or warrior spirit who , original chanel bags long as the member level reached will automatically upgraded to first class civilians. Either way , he 's reactive recommend this pile is indispensable . Whether pre-existence , or this world , he afraid of any challenge ! Whether Shou Gong , or Ye Xiazhen have never told him about the issue ! Whether between Shou Gong , or Yexia Zhen , facial features are full of gloom . Whether Shou Gong , Yexia Zhen , Wang Hui Joe , suppression and confusion are mentally prepared for Wang original chanel bags , at the moment are invariably hanging from the heart .

But this time , his mental strength has been exhausted , original chanel bags Blows , bed, sleep, the next morning , then get up , come to the new partial fire spiritual Yanwu field , bathed in the morning sun , the light touches will soon be light ball surgery and surgery to turn out entry- net World , "Light thorn " can also be reluctant to issue a note , but it is quite a long time , can also play a fixed rakes , living humans and animals is no way to hit.

Not a direct hit? More than cursed, but also even original chanel bags for three days? Yangshuo is more than a mirror that Hamel Deland, Huo strong, Ireland shadow, testing and certification Peng deacon, horizontal days, Pacific Viscount House and 洪涛子 MG House crowd, as well as witness the presence of the spirit of the house of the temple Zhu Qinghe County Dianzhu, Zhu deacons, all shocked. Not just crustaceans, even those hiding under the carapace meat tenderizer and visceral, but also to be the sword crack!

After 8 days , the family of existing parameters and Artemisia chieftain fingers already been exhausted , but the effect is very good, Wang original chanel bags originally expected to be a month to recover , but now, his body black line has been exorcised at least three-quarters , You can move freely , can trot. If the race is just words , distance , and still has a moral strength , not run ten steps necessary to take a rest .

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