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Participation fingers after eating, is too small spirit rose, and took Wang chanel cosmetic bag fed to the dry food, then also up.

Mrs. Alice is suddenly shocked . Mrs. Alice very satisfied chanel cosmetic bag surprise , mood , nor care about her suspicions , smiled, nodded confidently : "Ye sister, you must feel , even Dianzhu can not do something , what can I do it ? However , there is no outsider, I may as well tell you , the whole empire Yu soul , can help the son of Joe and Feng Ling Temple ready to test the qualifications , in addition to our baron mansion , never find a second home ! "Ai Mrs. Liz first hesitated , but then gladly obey .

Mrs. Alice back the loved son and son intact, chanel cosmetic bag suddenly worried about the number of days to try to go, suppression widowed Huan Yu 's face revealing a joyous re- glamorous smile.

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