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After all, Ye Xiazhen currently nothing more than a chanel classic 's level , the limited resources offered to give his son , not to mention there is also a daughter to take care of , to the three spirits apprentices , are considered overvalued.

"That according to Mr. Du mean?" Ask Xiao commoner.

But chanel classic also look at him: "Yong Ming, Wang you this is a pulse, a father will you be spiritual technology, the temple is no longer teach, but if you are interested, you can often come to the house of the spiritual health of the house here yet. would then stay for some time. "

However, there are only accepted elixir, Ling Zhi , Ling array for sale, chanel classic elixir disabilities, Ling Zhi Shi , Ling array disabilities, soldiers "teacher " class the following promotion and assessment , is not responsible for the spiritual qualifications and soul of the gas flu testing. To test the qualifications, had to go to Willow on the city .

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