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At the moment, he clearly felt that the air would have solo monster beats by dre a very strong wood element, seem to have been attracted to what the spirit of things, like, very enthusiastically to gather in the same place!

Burst into the house where the piece of the alley, Wang solo monster beats by dre far we do not see a strange figure standing in his yard teenagers outside Cha Zhaoyao, facing the courtyard, extremely arrogant to name names cursed.

But an instant, he was a write-mouth: "! But first off it, there is solo monster beats by dre extraordinary" But a moment I thought, son of his own to create a suitable Zhan Zhuang posture, and by virtue of spiritual instinct to conditioning the body of traditional illnesses , there is such a perceptive, but also normal. That is not what is right? Less than many think, count on wearing two armband for "fox" tip of elbow instinctively sank, hard by the Zheyi.

Mrs. Alice a little surprised at his son 's trust solo monster beats by dre , but still smiled: " ! Anyway , Feng son without malice , the lady would not blame you."

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