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Turn a blind eye meditation dozens interest rates, Wang monster beats solo review finally felt some soft shimmering light elements slowly toward you gather , no ...... into the body . Green grass in a dark dragon -shaped pattern in bright light shining seems like now hidden . Hogg Pradesh is bold , at the moment he can not help but step Jinjindegen leave . This truly is her array of Master, to the inside, as there is no full grasp , to preserve their own lives ...... .

2 Fifteen minutes later , the elixir of the open-air courtyard house , trance after seeing Wang monster beats solo review that little bit familiar atmosphere , and surrounded by two entirely different body aperture , has been able to remain calm even the river , finally discolored .

Testing is open, in the piazza of the two exudes brilliance be monster beats solo review on several spiritual force spar and spar. At the moment, these two light beam converged spar all the brilliance, is no longer a color, but gray, with a white beam of light around the back and forth like a searchlight-like bursts.

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