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Do not say there is no danger , is there , they also want to try. Not to genuine monster beats a combatant , war , etc. That is, Shou Gong Master, he could not bear all this heavy a kick ! Not to mention the normal age of 6 children , is an adult does not like mindless soldiers, are very difficult to think of the speed of on the issue. Do not underestimate this bottle to wash pulp Dan , on the market to sell , at least one million gold coins. Ice dagger , medium top grade ;

Pro waves were not genuine monster beats the river , his face darkened quickly , angrily staring at Hogg Galway , but due to repair, too timid to really fight .

But he could react , old head is blushing , then angrily stared genuine monster beats one : ? "Little guy , what do you know 100,000 gold coins is not a small number, even your father and mother as a first-class civilians, we have not out , two second grandfather I just civilians, how could there be ? "

Xiao commoner early in the rotary Xiangyang genuine monster beats as they already know the overall situation, to hear Xu Shiji tell times or frowns.

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