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In addition to the strain of laurel late grandmother free beats software planted in the yard of flowers have been moved up a bit.

Before crossing, the task every time out, in-depth wild jungle, Wang free beats software body's nervous every second extreme tension, not only pay attention to the foot of the left and right sides, but also pay attention to the raid from the head to avoid accidentally, it was not know where drilled out snakes and insects mosquito to bite. Although there is cure for carry, but after all there is a wound, a lot of trouble.

Chen deacon thought a move: "Ye Xiazhen last night, once said that her son Wang free beats software probably spiritual awakening wood or earth spirituality, Is this him?"

Pure white spiritual power from the palm slowly spit like free beats software discharge into the furnace body in general, very smooth, and that the migration of moire also sucked some of the spiritual power, soon the entire interior of the furnace body-oriented, and without the slightest loss.

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